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How else can SMEs get financial support to improve productivity?

SPRING’s Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) / 创新与能力赠券 gives $5,000 vouchers.

SPRING’s Capability Development Grand (CDG) / 能力发展津贴 supports 70% of qualifying costs with no supposed cap. However, individual officers may have different perceptions of reasonable qualifying costs.

IDA’s iSprint funding for packaged and customized solutions supports 70% of qualifying costs with a cap of $20,000.

IDA’s iSprint funding for piloting new sector solutions supports up to 80% of qualifying costs, with a cap of $1 million per SME.

IDA’s iSprint funding for high-speed connectivity supports 50% of fibre subscriptions and 50% of Wireless@SG equipment as well.

As a lot of our web design & web application development clients have been asking us for assistance in applying for these schemes, I will continue to write guides for each of these grants.

There are some industry-specific grants as well –
If you’re in the aviation industry, there’s the Aviation Innovation Programme.

If you’re a construction company, there’s the Building Information Model Fund, Mechanisation Credit Scheme and Productivity Improvement Project.

If you’re doing something related to tourism, there’s the Business Improvement Fund.

If you want to build a new industrial facility that will require an electrical power load of 5MW or more, there’s the Design for Efficiency Scheme.

If you’re in the manufacturing and building industry, you can get a grant to hire an energy consultant with the Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance Scheme.

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