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BRANDING (Solution)

Establishing a strong corporate visual identifier can work to reinforce business communications.
If you’re looking to kick start your business, why not tap on our proficiency in logo design?
It could be the quick boost needed for your business.

* A brand perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
* A identity visual aspects that from part of the overall brand.
* A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon


MARKETING (how to promote your product/service online)

* Share new sales event to Facebook,twitter,pinterest,weixin,weibo those Social media portal
* Post to Groupon and Qoo10
* Build own online shop(or shopping cart) online with customer booking & order management
* SEO Arrange keywords & description for every page and every product.
* Post to some reviews site or Forum. some of them need pay maybe. (Firstly you can make sure you are listed on the many external review sites so happy customers can find you if they wish to comment on a good experience,)
* EDM to post your newslatter to potential customers (you should have your own customer listing and CRM system)
* Understand more your target customer groups and focus from 1, develop some free gift/voucher code can put into your own website.
* Affiliate with other companys.
* SEM-PPC (PayPerClick)prepare a budget amount for google AdWords.



A well-designed website captures its audience and provides all the information within easy reach. Good design can bring out effective communication to complement and boost your sales and marketing.
With SmartWeb and Responsive Web, the ease and accessibility of your mobile site ensures quick retrieval of information. Your website automatically reacts to the size of the users screen and adapts to the best fit for a seamless, enjoyable user experience across a variety of mobile devices.