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Professional SME branding promo solution in Singapore.

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The Dynamic Online Brand-Building&Management Solution

Executing and sustaining a successful brand strategy is a complex and challenging task. For the most comprehensive online brand and identity management solution available, the award-winning Cloud-Identity is the choice of Fortune 500 and other brand-conscious organizations.

Cloud-Identity is a service package on Web-based to manage brand assets, automate production, and educate users about the importance of the brand.
Customized for each client, it integrates brand assets—identity guidelines, logo artwork, images, templates, best practices, and more—in one central resource.

Cloud-Identity is the cornerstone of brand management, saving time and money while building brand value.


 Branding subversived plan
 Name & Logo & Branding Culture
 Branding Font
 2 Languages include
 Branding Color

 *标准色 色彩搭配组合(印刷色) Color Series Plan
 Brand supporting graphics
 Advertising slogan and selling points
 Story and Innovative Branding Image
 Product Description Creative case; Posters & Media
 Packaging Design Services
 Spread Cartoon video share plus Wechat/Facebook