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Service package

Hi friend,
Have you ever wondered whether you should start your own business?
The answer is YES, and it wont happen unless you take that next critical step.
Every successful business person has been in the position that you are now in. They had their idea and they had the know-how, all they needed to do was to say “Yes” and get started building their business.
Don't put it off any longer. It's time to take the next step and start building the business that you've always wanted. We can help. Let us help you take the first step. You can post your project and get free quotes within minutes.


The design packages:
* For SME/start-up business all in one design and domain server all include  
* For e-commerce with online shopping cart can sale and booking order online about
* For advanced graph design or content plan or features programming will calculate by requirement list.

The procedures:
1. send your requirement detail to me.
2. I will design the layout and interface Demo to you.
3. after you confirm the style is ok, we start 1st payment for 50% (if oversea can make online payment),
4. We will setup your new domain and server and space within 24~48hrs effect.
5. And same time, we start to program the website, 4~5 working days,
6. Launch your website and testing it, during this time, we can modify some details.
7. Project finish then make full payment. your website will get yearly security protection and backup support for free.


---------------3 types of service package :----------------

*Yearly Basic Maintain package  (U.P:  include all basic webpage modify and content change and website graph change)  (12 month protect)

*Monthly maintain package(this one was for those start-up new company, Business model not Stable)  (minimum 3 month)

*Alone estimate by items/project (service fee depending on modify contents)

Basic Maintain include:
*Data backup;
*Security Protection;
*Webpage Edit, Words modify;
*IT consultant support;

Advanced Maintain include:
* feature install
* Module/Function program
* Page add-in
* Layout design
* eCommerce Marketing Promote
* eCommerce backend Training

Yearly maintain package (12 month protect) service details will be include:

modify/delete/change/update any current content we have.
modify/delete/change/update any images banner ADV (not include design).
modify/delete/change/update any pages layout.
Emergency recovery website.

for additional pages 10 pages are under package for free, more will be re-Calculate
for additional products 10 item free, more will be re-Calculate

(Remark: don't worry, sometimes the extra service still no charge if small things that easy help will be no charge also.)

for New functions include (new effect; new module; new popup actions;) will be re-Calculate
(Remark: because under the yearly maintain package, so all extra service charges will be credited add into next year service bill)


  Partiner Price Market Price
Car-eCommerce Portal 3900 4000~6k
Retail shop 3900 4000~6k
Portal Property Agent  3900 4000~6k
Portal Travel Agent 3900 4000~6k
Portal Insurance Agent 3900 4000~6k
ERP System (CRM) 5000 10,000
ERP System industry Store 5000 10,000
ERP Finance I/Q/O Management 5000 10,000
APP  3500 10,000~20k
SSL: 150/yr 300
.SG 69/yr 70
Speedup Ram: 550/yr 780~1000
Large Space: 550/yr 780~1000
Consoudent fee 100 200
General Maingain 200/yr 500
General Modify Update 800/yr above 1000
Technicle support by call 500/mo. 0
Technicle support by Email 100 0
Ecommerce Training 3 class hour /each person 500 800
* more and more people use oneline service and find your business online    
* as the Air pollution, more and more people use ecommerce at home to buy your product.    
* Till 2019, more and more brand will be created, so you must be the pioneer brand before others.    

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