What are your transaction fees?
If you use a third-party payment processor, we charge 2%+3.9% per transaction to cover additional security requirements. This fee helps us maintain our PCI compliance and the integrity of both you and your customers' data. If you use eStore Payments, this fee is waived. You can also take advantage of up to 15% higher conversion rates when you enable Shop Pay.

What other costs are there?
None, but if you need custom development you should factor a eStore Plus Partners into your budget.
Other optional costs are one-time theme purchases, any third-party apps you need, and tax automation or CRM/ERP ($250 SGD per month).

How many online stores users can I have?
You can create unlimited online stores to sell in different currencies and languages and to make your site accessible for global audiences. Your main store and 1 expansion stores are all part of your monthly platform fee, with an additional cost of $250 SGD per month for each extra store.

Do I still need to use apps with eStore Plus?
eStore Plus isn't meant to replace all of your apps—but we can replace many, including automation and customization apps to help you run your business.

Are there extra charges for the eStore Plus merchant success program?
No, the merchant success program is a key part of our partnership model, and one of our strategies for your success and growth.